What’s Your Story?

Think back before corporate sports, before pro stadiums with billions of dollars in streaming money, and way before college and high school sports. There was a park, a street, an open field in your part of town. And on that field were the games.

The teams were made up of kids from your neighborhood. There was pride on the line. And there were stories that would be told. Everyone there, watching that game, seeing their friends play hard had a stake in that game.

The World Play League is the first player owned sports league that takes the emotional excitement of competition based games, and adds the power of emerging technologies. This is a league where fans, players and game studios decide which games to play and how to play them. More than betting or winning a contest, you as a player and fan have true ownership of the league.

At the start, WPL provides tooling, infrastructure and user acquisition support to existing games. But in time, with your help, we’ll create a platform and experience that elevates how we view sports, games and entertainment.

This is a digital league where the players, fans and teams and league owners are all on equal footing. Everyone can be an active participant in their own right.

From the playground, to the online stadium, WPL is built on a history we all know and love. History that so many of us have participated in. Now we bring it into the present with the aid of technology, and the ability to make the past present again.

That’s the story of the WPL. Join and create your own.

Combining Digital and Physical Lives

game leaderboard

WPL’s main feature, the Global Leaderboard, seamlessly connects players and their data across titles, chains, and platforms.


This innovative approach enhances the gaming experience by fostering a global community and healthy competition. 


Our vision at World Play League goes beyond just gaming; we aim to connect players’ online and in-person gaming accounts, elevating their status, increasing the money they make, and improving their mental and physical well-being.


Imagine a world where gamers, regardless of their skills or favorite games, come together in a unified ecosystem.
WPL stands as a leader in the technology evolution, offering AI-driven solutions tailored for blockchain and traditional games across the globe. 


WPL is not just a gaming platform; it’s a movement.


Join us as we redefine the future of gaming and build a global community where every player’s journey matters.

The Team

Peter tomala

Founder / CEO

Hassan Tariq


Rhandal Sayat


Ang Legein


Mary Coroza

Lead Engineer

Chris Bailey


Rafael Costa


Vj Anma


WPL Whitepaper

Learn more about World Play League’s tokenomics, business model, vision, team and platform technology. 

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