WPL is on a mission for you to ‘Own Your Game’. Own your results, skills and standing. Own part of WPL. Own the actual game itself. To actually be different, you need to be created differently. WPL seamlessly connects players and their data across titles, chains, and platforms. Welcome to the future of play. 

How To Participate


It’s simple, play games as your normally would. Games in WPL are connected through a central leaderboard which allows you to track your statistics in one area while granting you access to additional rewards, access and benefits. Future rolls outs for head-to-head matchups, team formations and advanced standings based on the type of player you are will be released soon. 


You don’t need to play games to make an impact. Decide on which games are featured in the WPL catalog, league and team rules, reward pools, title sponsors and much more. As our voting is released in 2024, token holders of $WPL will receive exclusive voting privileges and the rights to decide our future.  


As a community owned company, WPL shares its proceeds through a revenue spilt. Players can receive returns through ad impressions and also rewards playing the games in our catalog. Owners of the $WPL token are treated as co-owners of the league and receive a cut of the total pool. 

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What’s Your Story?

Is it a sports comeback? A redemption tour? Bragging rights in your friends group? Have you always wanted to own your own team? Run the entire league?

Maybe you wished you had something to show for all of the time and energy spent on that team that never makes it past the first round?

WPL provides a platform for you to write a new story. To engage and participate in a way that hasn’t been done before. Just want to have fun? Yea, we offer that too.

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