World Play League

A game publisher owned by the community. WPL provides tooling and infrastructure for game studios while creating a next generation game league for players.

A League and Platform Owned By You

Gaming is one the biggest industries in the world. Not just in revenue, but how it impacts our lives. As we’ve become more disconnected with one another, gaming is bringing us back together. We’re combining the power of sport, technology and social networking to create a new digital experience. One where you own your own data, assets, team and the very league you help create.

Playing To Win

With thousands of games in the market, it’s overwhelming to find the best ones. Luckily, our team is constantly researching, testing and collaborating with the best studios in the world to create our league catalog. We specifically focus on:

  • Competition Based (win/lost, statistics);

  • Ability for multiple player or teams;

  • Scalable to multiple platforms and devices;

  • Shared vision on player empowerment;

  • High quality games that are fun to play.

Upcoming Milestones

Phase 01

Spring, 2023

Initial Tooling & Infrastructure Beta

Data analytics dashboard, development support & Web3 tooling for game studios

Phase 02

Summer, 2023

Things Are Getting Serious

Initial game catalog release, marketing support and more robust Web3 and data tooling for game studios

Phase 03

Fall, 2023

Bring on the Players

Year 1 catalog release, player sign ups, leaderboards and rewards

Phase 04

Winter, 2023

Game On!

Digital collectables, merchandise and marketplace, streaming content

Phase 05


The Community Is in Control

Community voting on future league plans, organization and new games

Phase 06


Top Secret

Knowing our community, we imagine it will be like Hunger Games marrying Squid Game and having a baby that resembles fantasy cricket.

Development Support for your Game Studio

We’re a different kind of publishing platform. We work with you to provide resources, tooling and support that helps you grow on your terms. The very nature of being community owned puts you in the middle of the decision making process and grants you access to:

  • Web3 & Mobile Tooling and Infrastructure
  • Marketing & User Acquisition Support
  • Data Analytics Dashboard
  • Additional Revenue Streams
  • Fundraising & Game Development Support

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