Support for your game studio

There’s a fine line between the winners and losers in game development. With WPL’s support, we tilt the scales in your favor. We focus primarily on acquiring and retaining players to your game. We offer access to our league API, website, tooling and infrastructure, team of partners, experts and investors, and easy marketing support. Our strategically curated catalog of games forms the foundation of a new digital game league.

Our solution

Community Controlled

WPL is a gamer run league at its core. Not only is the company run by the community, but all revenues are funneled back into the ecosystem to help support your game development and marketing.

Leveling the Playing Field

WPL provides a listing website, SDK for Web3 tooling (wallet integration, authentication, marketplace) and an API (data analytics / user stats) to support
marketing efforts.

Scalable Support

Tap into the larger community for documentation, development and marketing support as needed. Incubate
new ideas. Grow on your terms.

Break Barriers

Our team’s focus is to expand into new geographical, digital and real life platforms in the years to come. There are no limits to our imagination.

Community Involvement

Our community is directly motivated to your studio’s success through our voting process, brand ambassadors and revenue sharing.

Grow With Us

While we’re focused on solving immediate development and marketing pain points for your studio, we’re positioning ourselves for future growth opportunities. We’re making decisions today with our sights set on 1, 3 and 5 years down the road. Join the league and collaborate on: 

No Risk. All Reward.

Reach out to us to see all of the ways we offer support and revenue opportunities at no cost to you. 

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