February 29, 2024
By dash

WPL x 1871

Exciting news from the World Play League! WPL has been accepted into the prestigious 1871 Web3 Innovation Lab Cohort, marking a big recognition for the company.

This milestone is a testament to our achievements and the promising trajectory we envision within the gaming and Web3 landscape.

The 1871 Web3 Innovation Lab is a renowned hub connecting growth-stage and late-stage startups with a vast network of corporate entities, industry experts, and investors. This opportunity is more than an endorsement; it’s a gateway to unparalleled growth and learning opportunities.

Our selection showcases the dedication of our team and the innovative solutions we bring to the Web3 ecosystem. Being part of this cohort provides access to invaluable resources, mentorship, and collaboration with industry leaders, perfectly aligning with WPL’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Web3 and delivering groundbreaking gaming solutions to our community.

Stay tuned as World Play League embarks on this exciting chapter within the 1871 Web3 Innovation Lab Cohort. We extend heartfelt thanks for your continued support as we shape the future of play!

About 1871 Web3 Innovation Lab:

1871’s Web3 Innovation Lab connects growth-stage and late-stage startups with corporate businesses, industry experts, and investors in the Web3 space. To explore future opportunities within Web3 and more information please visit:

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