January 2, 2024
By dash

World Play League Game Spotlight : STACKAAR

Lets bring in the new year with a fun new title; in a totally new genre of gaming! This week, we are proud to spotlight a unique game within out catalogue, STACKAAR! This game is a augmented reality game that integrates on mobile platforms. STACKAAR creates an awesome augmented reality course of obstacles and problems to solve. Move physically around your real world environment with your phone or tablet, controlling your “Robik”. Take your Robik through challenging courses, but make sure you created enough space to not bump into real world objects or people! Compete against time and other people in order to secure your spot at the top of the leaderboards.

Be apart of the cutting edge of a new era of gaming, augmented reality may still be in its infancy but STACKAAR is shows that you can have fun while building and exploring new horizons.  STACKAAR is currently in Beta but you can download it here to give it a try and test out a whole new era of gaming and augmented reality!

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