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November 13, 2023

WPL Closes 1st Year Catalog with 15 Inaugural Studios

World Play League is proud to announce that they have closed their first year catalog for 2023. Starting in April, the first 15 studios signed up in less than 6 months marking incredible growth and a huge boast to our community platform.

The inaugural group of studios will have a special voting role and input within the WPL DAO, helping to shape the league going into 2024 and beyond.

The first batch of studios is truly an international mix, with games based out of the UAE, Eastern and Western Europe, Japan, USA, Brazil, India, Pakistan and South Korea. While different in style and game design, each game is competition based with a general focus on mobile gaming and blockchain technology.

WPL is continuing to unveil games as they are launched. The league is expected to add an additional 30 titles in 2024 with more community voting helping to decide which ones are added.

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